8 Session  Series goes at your Pace. You choose when to Book your next Session. 


Session 1: Creating Sacred Space

75 minute session integrates an Intuitive Energy Reading and Healing with a Guided meditation to a Sacred Place of Healing to meet your High Self.


Session 2: Meeting Shadow

75 minute Session includes Guided meditation to meet the Shadow Self and Reiki Energy Session to Soothe Shadow and allow it to be comfortable being seen. 


Session 3: Merging of Shadow and High Self

75 minute Session includes Guided meditation to integrate Shadow and High Self and Reiki Body and Breath work to open the energetic pathways and allow all parts of your being to be recognized and pacified with healing touch. 


Session 4: I AM, I REALLY AM

75 minute Session includes "I AM" affirmations, meeting sub-personalities and Archetypes, ending with a guided visualization to receive messages from those parts of you that you have hidden for so long. 


Session 5: Re-examining Core Beliefs

75 minute Session includes guided meditation to examine your core beliefs and to discern if they still belong to you, or if they are ready to be re-considered. We end with a Reiki Energy session to infuse the new energetic belief system with positive loving light. 


Session 6: Emotional Release Flow 

75 minute Emotional Release Flow Session to release trapped emotional energy within the body. This session combines Acupressure and Inner Child work. 


Session 7: Your Most Magnetic Being

75 minute session includes examining your highest potential through your most magnetic self and creating a space for that potential to grow with help from the universe.


Session 8: Embracing the Whole

Our Last 75 minute session will channel in your spirit guides for Guided Meditation and Divine Harmony Bodywork Session to align mind, body, and spirit. 


Session Cost:

Pay as you go: $69 per session

One time Payment: $520 ($32 discount)