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8 Session  Series is offered as a private one on one, fully guided experience. 

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions are recommended

Private One on One Sessions: 

Session 1: Creating Sacred Space

Our first session puts the finger on the map. You must first understand where you are starting from to know where you want to go. We begin by learning some orienting and self-soothing techniques for when you feel dysregulated. We then move into an energy reading session to help balance your internal energy centers and orient yourself to the elemental wisdom of the body.


Session 2: The Sacred Self

Our second session introduces you to your first guide. Your Sacred Self is the guide that will help you discover the true nature of your healing journey. They will share wisdom and insight to help you move forward with confidence. From here you will be able to navigate your way through your shadow journey guided by your own Holy Spirit.


Session 3: The Shadow Self

Our third session introduces you to your next guide, the Shadow Self. Often our Shadow is not looked to as a guide, but here is where we can gain the most wisdom and power, as the Shadow holds all of the things we are hiding, this is where the true power is found. Our Journey will end with a Healing Session, incorporating Reiki Energy Healing. 


Session 4: Activations and Activation Signature

Our fourth session explores your Activations and the Activation Signature that arises within you when you are triggered. We will explore how the Shadow comes forward during these triggers, what they need to feel safe, loved, accepted, and how you can move from an activated state to a state of awareness with a simple breathing and visualization technique.


Session 5: Core Beliefs

Our fifth Session dives into your core beliefs. We will explore this through guided meditation, and end the session with a sound Bath to vibrate the cells, clearing them of past imprints and calling in the Sacred Self for Healing.


Session 6: Emotional Release Flow 

Our sixth session integrates a form of bodywork that is both emotionally and physically releasing. It combines acupressure with guided meditation and inner child work to access the sacred little ones that are in need of love and attention.


Session 7: Your Most Magnetic Being

Our seventh session begins with a deep and powerful kriya breathwork session. This breath technique has been used to transmute energy, transport energy, and move the practitioner into a trance-like state where powerful and potent healing can come through. The principle of this technique is that each person has an inner compass that can determine the most important experience at a given moment, but that we cannot be aware of this experience until it happens. It is at this point, the mind lets go, and the healing begins.


Session 8: Embracing the Whole

Our final session will begin with a gentle bodywork session. Divine Harmony is a blend of sacred bodywork from ancient traditions meant to tap into the healing powers of the mind, body, and spirit. The session is intuitively guided by energy and spirit, to create the most effective pathway to release and rest. The work is deep, yet gentle and non-invasive to the body, it promotes relaxation, circulation, and energetic movement of the entire being. We will complete the session with a guided meditation ceremony of rebirthing and Sacred Initiation.






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