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I truly believe that those needing my services will find their way to me. I encourage you to follow your heart when it comes to deciding whether my offerings are right for you.

I bet you are wondering "what the heck is this all about!" I will give you a little bit of background info, which may help clear up a few of your questions. 
I am an energetic intuitive, this means I feel, hear and see energy that I can then help you navigate the ebb and flow of your true soul pathway. We use this energetic blueprint to guide you towards your own truth.
I blend various healing modalities to bring what is needed to your spirit. Through the use of breathwork,  healing touch body and somatic work, and guided meditation, we are able to unblock what is stuck or stagnant and allow your energy to flow freely.
Through Bodywork I help guide the lost, stuck, and stagnant energy. I use universal energy to remove what is not serving your highest good and I work with your energy and guides to help you align your subtle and physical bodies. My bodywork is a blend of compressions, acupressure, reiki, energy work, and loving support. 
In an Intuitive Reading session, we tap into the elemental energies of the universe. Through these elements you may gain insight into past lives, stuck energy, or connections to others and to spirit as well as blocks and breaks in the energy. 
In our session, I guide you in a supportive and gentle way to unlock the mysteries of your life. These journeys can be very intense, it is my job to keep you feeling calm, and relaxed as you open up your own intuition and gather information so you can take the next steps on your true path. 
In all of my sessions, I connect with my own guides as well as your guides. This means that at times I will also hear and see messages from Spirit, which will lovingly be passed onto you.

My sessions are not predictions. I say this because I believe that we have the power to co-create along with the Universe our own destiny. My offerings are designed to empower you by lighting up actions, emotions, or knowledge that you already have within you, together we unlock the possibilities of this divine Universe. 
It is my hope that you will leave my sessions feeling a sense of balance, peace, and clarity when it comes to how to proceed forward on your journey. 
All of my services are offered with 100% commitment from me, I only work with the highest of intentions, and through unconditional love for the greatest good for all parties.
I have been an intuitive empath my entire life, though ignored the signs and often ignored my own true soul plan, but have been working hard to tap into this gift, which I am so grateful for. I started this journey professionally around 9 years ago when I attended yoga teacher training and found my true purpose of assisting others in healing themselves. Since then I have been studying various healing techniques, intuitive divination, bodywork, and guided meditation.

                    I am not the healer, you are the true healer of your own soul. 

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