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What if I told you that you weren't broken, there is nothing wrong with your chakras, you do not need crystals or oils to heal or fix yourself??? 
What if I told you that you are whole, you are fully supported by the universe, you are completely loved. Would you believe me?

It is true. All True. Let's break free of these limiting beliefs.

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Head Massage

This session integrates sacred bodywork from ancient traditions meant to heal mind, body, and soul. Each session is intuitively guided by energy and spirit, to create the most effective pathway to energetic healing. The work is deep, yet gentle, it promotes relaxation, circulation, and energetic movement of the entire being. The premise behind the work is communication between the practitioner and the bones of the client. It is the bones that relay the messages that lead to soul healing. This session is practiced on a table and often integrates gentle guided meditation for emotional balance and nervous system regulation.


This powerful bodywork session blends Traditional Thai Bodywork Techniques,  Acupressure, Aromatherapy and Reiki Energy healing for a complete elemental balancing for the mind, body and spirit. I use intuitive movement to guide the session, focusing on areas of stress and tension giving the body an opportunity to release old patterns that block the body's natural energetic flow.

This is why Thai sessions always address the full body.
Thai massage is practiced on the floor on soft mats. The recipient remains clothed, so please arrive for your appointment in loose and comfortable clothing.

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Colorful Crystal
Navigating in Woods

My readings invite the Elements into the energy field where they show us the most direct path for you to discover hidden gifts, messages, or even unconscious blockages or limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. We can then work through these messages, allowing your path to open to opportunities of joy, healing, bliss, and new beginnings. This session blends intuitive healing with guided meditation for a complete exploration of the path you are on and the shifts you can take to better navigate your personal journey.


Our bodies store emotions, like toxins, deep in our tissues. It is imperative that we allow these emotions to be witnessed and released so that the body, mind, and soul can also be set free. When a trauma is experienced, no matter how big or small, and when not properly processed and released it gets trapped somewhere in your body. When this cellular memory is triggered, it is possible to get caught in a loop of painful and distressing thoughts and feelings. As you let go of the emotional pain, your thoughts about the experience can shift. The flow of energy is unblocked, and therefore the pain that accompanies it is also freed. It is possible then to heal and integrate the memory in a healthy way, or surprisingly even let it fade away. 

Floating in Water
Emotional Release

Journeying is a beautiful and safe way to leave our physically manifested world and enter a dreamlike state while staying lucid and aware. 

In this session, Jenn will guide you on a journey using the elements as tools and sound as a vehicle. 

Your journey will be specific to you, allowing you to go deeper into your inner wisdom library, to retrieve information and truth for your own personal expansion. 

Forest Path
Semicircle of Crystals

Experience a transformative journey with a Somatic Yoga Therapy Session. Each session is tailored to your unique constitution and current state of being. Our approach integrates the mind, body, and spirit to achieve balance and harmony. We use a combination of movement, meditation, breathwork, and bodywork to guide you through a healing process. Let us help you reconnect with your inner self and achieve optimal wellness. 


Death is the end of everyone's story.  I aspire to bring death and the sacred act of dying back into the circle of life.  While it may be a sad time, it does not have to be uncomfortable.  In fact, truly opening the door to death, preparing for the journey, and understanding its significance in our lives, can bring sacredness to this final act of life on earth.  If you, or a family member, are facing a terminal illness or you are simply looking to start a conversation about planning for this final journey home, I am happy to speak with you about my services. 

Services Available Soon

Brewing Tea
Young and Old Hands
Colorful Crystal
Holding Hands

"Jenn’s Elemental Breathwork was nothing short of a profound experience. The power behind this type of guided breath is staggering. The practice is a very intimate journey into the body, I could feel where my energy was stuck and I could feel as it released through the breath, creating space for my energy to move and flow unobstructed. This brought me clarity on my direction and affirmation of my path. Jenn’s ability to be a guide through this process is powerful. She brings a magic to the process that allowed me to feel safe and that created a beautiful, supportive container for me to move through my inner experience. I would highly recommend Jenn’s Elemental Breathwork to anyone wanting to take huge strides forward on their healing and growth experience."

Ky S. Boise,ID

" Jenn is a natural born healer"


Shannon F. Boise, ID


"You know you love a modality when you experience it and know that it is something you want to learn. This is what happened for me when I had my first Thai Bodywork session with Jenn. Since then, I’ve had several more sessions. Every time, my muscles are relaxed, my tension eases and my body rebalances. At the end, my body feels open and clear and it is restorative energy work. She is attentive, professional and she’s compassionate. I highly recommend a Thai Bodywork from Jenn and I’m grateful for her tender care."


Tanya K. Boise, ID

"Just had a reading with Jenn! Words cannot express my gratitude. She is so in tune with Spirit. She answered all my questions before hand and gave me guidance as to how to word my question for Spirit. I walked away with hope and excitement on my journey to come. She is humble yet extraordinary."

Amber H. Boise, ID

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