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New Moon

Sacred Sadhana + Ceremony

Saturday, December 4th

By Donation:

or Cash at Door
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Sound Blessing

Kundalini Yoga, Mala Meditation, and Sound Blessing
with Jenn Crawford

Friday December 10th

$44 Class Only - Please bring your own Mala
$55 Class + Rudraksha Mala
$108 Class + Custom Mala

We gather together in blissful sound and vibration, tuning

in to the power of our own voice, heart, and Holy Spirit.


Everything vibrates. People, places, objects all produce a vibration. You are vibrating at this moment, humming a melody that is your unique vibratory signature. Within you, each of your organs is vibrating at a specific frequency. Like a beautiful symphony, each of your organs is a different instrument. When each of these instruments is tuned, it creates harmony within your body. Dis-ease manifests when something within us is out of tune. Pain, trauma, anger, and stress are just a few factors that could cause your body to experience disorientation. Through Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and chanting mantra we fine-tune these vibrations to harmonize and sing your beautiful soul song.


Each Participant will receive a Rudraksha Mala, with the option to have a custom Mala Made for you, as we will be using mala in meditation.