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Jenn Crawford offers workshops and retreats in her home studio, Zen Riot in Boise, ID, as well as locally, nationally and internationally. If you are interested in hosting one of Jenn's Powerful workshops at your business or studio, please contact her to chat!
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Inner Child Experiencing

Heart Opening Workshop with Jenn Crawford
3.5 Hour Workshop

Workshop Description:

All of our experiences have shaped us into who we are today. The magical experiences and the challenging each have a role in how we move through the world in the present moment. Traumatic experiences, both big and small, create an imprint that lasts a lifetime. Some of these experiences help us grow, and some create blocks that can affect our daily lives in very challenging ways.

This workshop is an opportunity to meet the Inner Child, as well as the Wise Inner Nurturer, to help understand the patterning and pain, give it the opportunity to be witnessed, and to find the power behind the pain.

With this experience, you can allow the wisdom and skills you acquire to bring nurturing to your inner child through understanding, support, and integration.

In this workshop you will…

  • LEARN: How to tap into your Inner Child & Wise Inner Nurturer

  • WITNESS: Heart opening healing session for the Inner Child Wounding and nurturing Self Care techniques to self and co-regulate. This will be a partner practice, so you will witness and be witnessed.

  • PRACTICE: Giving the heart, mind and body a chance to explore moving emotions through Somatic Yoga and Breathwork

  • REFLECT: Build self-awareness on how to move forward with your Inner Healer and Wise Inner Nurturer

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Ritual Journey

Thai Yoga Workshop with Jenn Crawford
4.5 Hour Workshop

Workshop Description:

This is a time of reconciliation, renewal, and reclamation of personal power. Join us for this practice of self care, self love, and self belief. Journey with Jenn into the ethers through ritual movement, breathwork, and guided sound journey.

Our Ritual movement practice aims to induce a trance like state, to enter into a state of consciousness that may not be accessible when our minds are in control. A journey into the place where the mind cannot enter, the heart. Together we will enter into this trance state with intention and reverence, allowing an unwinding of all of the things that keep us small. We will then move into a guided meditation and sound ceremony that guides you into a place of personal power. 

Class includes practice, self blessing ceremony, and a take home ritual infused crystal set.

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Thai Yoga Workshop with Jenn Crawford
4.5 Hour Workshop

Workshop Description:

Yoga Bodywork is a very special practice. It is a practice of stepping into your sacred self. A practice not only for the client or student, but for the one who delivers as well. This workshop will help you improve energy flow, tap into subtle body and bring awareness and balance to the present moment. We will invite you to root your feet into ancient teachings sprinkled with modern practices of healing touch. Some Yoga Teaching or Bodywork/Massage Experience would be best for this workshop.

You will Learn…

  • A Simple Supine Bodywork Sequence to Help your Client or Student Relax and Ground their Energy

  • Yin and Restorative Adjustments to assist your student or client to go deeper into their posture without injury

  • Guided meditation for calming the mind and body

  • Bodywork for Self Care

  • 4.5 Hours of Continuing Education for YA members

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Divine Rising

A Kundalini & Energy Attunement Day Retreat
6 Hour Day Retreat Includes Lunch, Snacks and Tea

Day Retreat Description:

Join Jenn Crawford for this mystery tour of the inner landscape through the practice of kundalini yoga and energy attunement. We will come together in circle to practice the sacred art of movement, breath and meditation. Each participant will also be attuned into the Rose Ray Healing Energy of the Divine Feminine.

Included in this Day Retreat…

  • A Full Day of Kundalini & Embodiment Yoga

  • Practices

  • Nourishing Vegetarian Snacks and Tea

  • Mantra Infused Crystal

  • Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath

  • Rose Ray Energy Attunement, Practice & Ceremony

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Sound Blessing

Mala Meditation & Sound Ceremony
2.5 Hour Special Class

Special Class Description:

We gather together in blissful sound and vibration, tuning in to the power of our own voice,

heart and Holy Spirit.


Everything vibrates. People, places, objects all produce a vibration. You are vibrating in this moment, humming a melody that is your unique vibratory signature. Within you, each of your organs is vibrating a specific frequency. Like a beautiful symphony each of your organs is a different instrument. When each of these instruments is tuned, it creates harmony within your body. Dis-ease manifests when something within us is out of tune. Pain, trauma, anger, and stress are just a few factors that could cause your body to experience disorientation. Through Kundalini Yoga, meditation, and chanting mantra we fine tune these vibrations to harmonize and sing your beautiful soul song.


Each Participant will recieve a Rudraksha Mala, with the option to have a custom Mala Made for you, as we will be using mala in meditation.

Workshop Testimonials

I am a mental health professional and educator. I believe deeply in the value of somatic work as a means to learn about our needs, nurture ourselves and others, and learn how to advocate for self and community. With Jenn's compassionate guidance and careful scaffolding, I practiced new ways of supporting and caring for myself while also experiencing the gentle witness and care from another person. The partner work is careful and boundaried. We practiced noticing and responding to each other.  She sets an intentional tone for a class-- interweaving empathy, choice, and support. She acknowledges and validates the natural uncomfortable and vulnerable parts in the healing process. I highly recommend this workshop in your journey of awareness, self-compassion, and healing. Ultimately, I experienced an increased sense of worth, personal safety, empowerment, and connectedness.


This experience was different from any other therapy I've had to explore with my inner child. It was so beautiful and curious. Being in a group dynamic was really awesome - everyone had different degrees of vulnerability they were willing to share with the group. There was never any pressure to share, but it sure was beautiful when we had many different voices contributing what they learned, felt, and cared for. 


I would 10/10 recommend this experience to any of my friends who are looking for a deeper dive to welcome home their inner child. 


The experience was something that I will remember for the rest of my life. The workshop had such a great structure to it and the teacher walked the class through all the components in a way that was nothing short of excellent. They ensured that we had a clear understanding of what was going to happen during the class.   

I don’t want to give any spoilers to the workshop, and if anyone is unsure about whether or not to attend, that is ok. I will say this, for me personally, this was not something I could just feel out. It was something that required me to jump all the way in with both feet first and immerse myself entirely. It was uncomfortable at times to sit with some of the emotions that surfaced for me. However, as the class came to an end, I felt a great sense of euphoria and lightness in my mind, body, and spirit.

I now realize just how much my inner child needed me. He needs me to be the voice and advocate that he never had. The sense of safety and true love that he didn’t get is something that I will continue to work on so he can finally get to feel it. This workshop allowed me to open that door and invite him to a better place. 

I would encourage anyone who is ready; to attend the Inner Child Experience workshop.  


I attended the Guardians of the Light Shadow Retreat with the goal of creating some space for myself. As a working wife and mother of two little kids, I felt a bit lost and needed a recharge. The weekend was well organized and filled with yoga, meditation, meaningful conversations, walks, and delicious food. I left feeling re-connected to myself and full of energy and love - ready to re-enter my life in a more grounded space than I left it. I will definitely attend another one of Jenn's retreats. Thank you!"


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