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 A 6 week Guided Experience to connect to the Higher Self and the Shadow Self
through Meditation, Deep Thought and Ritual with Jenn Crawford


Our Shadow is the reoccurring energy of our wounded self. Most of us forget or dis-associate with our Shadows early on in life in order to be accepted by others, including family members, lovers, friends, teachers or employers who in actuality were never aligned with us to begin with. Even though we may not understand or remember these moments that created shadow energy, they exist within our daily lives and show themselves in our limiting beliefs and negative self-talk or lack of self-love.


Our Shadow exists as an imprint of our traumas and defining moments in life and is very much a part of us that yearns to be seen, loved, and healed.

Thus, Shadow Work is the courageous effort of understanding our activations, insecurities, self-sabotaging habits, and everything held in darkness that our Shadow needs to heal so that we can ultimately attract and nurture meaningful connections with ourselves and others. befriending our shadow will open the opportunity to experience yourself as you are meant to be, the person you truly are.

5 Journey series includes:

  • Fully Guided Self paced Work

  • Developing Trust with Intuition and Higher Self

  • Connecting to the Shadow Self to tend to current needs

  • Guided Self Healing of Past, Present and Ancestral Wounds

  • Ritual Bath Recipes, Anointing Practice, Breath and Movement  Practices

  • Self Initiation into Personal Power

  • Guided Journal Prompts and Mindfulness Exercises

  • A One on One Session with Jenn in Person or Via Zoom

  • 6 months of All Access to the Journeys


Journey 1:

  • Guided Meditation to find your Sacred Inner Temple

  • Journal Prompts, Ritual Movement and Breath Sequence to open and connect to the senses

Journey 2:

  • Guided Meditation to dive into the darkness develop trust with your inner mystery and meet your Highest Vibrational Self

  • Guided Meditation to Experience the Shadow Self

  • Journal Prompts, Ritual Movement, and Breath Sequence to bring the Higher Self and Shadow Self into harmony

Journey 3:

  • Guided Meditation opening the Heart to the Shadow Self

  • A Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Peace of Mind

  • Journal Prompts, Ritual Movement and Breath Sequence to open and accept the Shadow Self

Journey 4:

  • Guided Meditation to Self Healing of Past, Present, and Ancestral wounds.

  • Guided Yoga Nidra for Neutral Awareness

  • Journal Prompts, Ritual Movement, and Breath Sequence

Journey 5:

  • Guided Meditation to Reclaim your Sovereignty 

  • Guided Journey to Initiate Self into New Power

  • Journal Prompts, Ritual Movement, and Breath Sequence

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