This 7 pc Home Blessing kit includes a sage smoke cleanse kit, blessing beads/bell for your front door, a clear quartz crystal, a black tourmaline crystal, instructions for how to use everything, AND an original artwork card that you can use to give this as a gift, or keep for yourself as a blessings card for your altar!


  •  a  sage smoke cleanse kit with a sage stick and ceramic dish & goose feather (humanely collected from the earth), along with step by step instructions for purifying the energy in your home!



  • blessing beads & bell wind chime (approx. 12") with a note: "“Guard my home, Bells on the Door, Let only blessings walk on this Floor, Block all Negative and the Dark Arts, May only Good Approach our hearts". Handmade with natural wood beads and a rustic bell. Perfect to hang on a door knob, in a window, on a porch, etc.


  • a clear quartz crystal (approx. 1.5") - believed to bring Clean and Clear Energy to your Home. 


  • a black tourmaline quartz crystal (approx. 1.5") - believed to protect the space from negative energy and forces.


  • a "Blessing Your Home" note explaining the meaning of each item and how to use them.


  • a custom made card, on premium paper, for you to personalize as a gift or geep for yourself


  • packaged with care in a hand decorated gift box.
  • This kit includes:

1 Black Tourmaline

1 Clear Quartz Point

1 White Sage Bundle

1 Ceramic Dish

1 Goose Feather

1 Protection Charm Bell For the Front Door

1 Original Artwork Printed Card Blessing for your Home

Home Blessing Kit

  • Blessing Kits are made to order and can not be returned. If any part of the kit is damaged in shipping the item can be replaced. 


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