This is a trio of 3 of my offerings. A 60 minute Intuitive Reading and Healing, a 75 Minute Emotional Flow Session and a one 60 minute Bodywork Session of your choice (choose between Thai and Divine Harmony). This 3 session seires is meant to open the energetic fields of the body, release excess or stagnant energy and align and harmonize the entire system. 3 sessions can be booked at your convenience through the Book Online option. 

Energetic Cleanse Special- 3 Sessions

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  • My readings invite you to choose different areas of your life to navigate where we can discover hidden gifts, messages or even unconscious blockages or limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back. The reading often involves working with aura and past life information that may need a more thorough examination. We can then work through this energy, allowing your path to open to opportunities of joy, healing, bliss and new beginnings. This session blends intuitive healing with guided meditation for a complete exploration of the path you are on and the shifts you can take to better navigate your personal journey.


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