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Bridge into the Woods
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Death is the sacred final act of our earth existence, as in Birth,
we cross a threshold, we begin a new journey.
The Death Doula is here to guide the traveler home. 

There is mystery in all cycles of life, yet none quite as mysterious as when we die. Death Midwifery or Doula Care is a community role as old as time. Just as in Birth, it is a time when support can be greatly needed, both for the person in transition as well as the loved ones and family. And while both birth and death have become highly medicalized and hospitalized, it is important to know there are many options as well as ways to honor those in transition. This is where I am here to help. Death Doalas work alongside other professionals such as hospice care, nurses and funeral directors, they do not replace them or do the same work, although you may find Funeral Directors, especially in home providers, may also take on the role of doula or midwife to the dying.  Death doulas work in all environments where a person chooses, or is going to transition. We work in hospitals, hospice facilities, nursing facilities, and home environments. Yes, you can choose to die at home. 

My services are tailored to each person/family's unique needs, and can include:

  • Pre-death planning and support.

  • Spiritual Counseling and Energy Work.

  • Preparing Legacy Projects and Last Wishes. 

  • Providing information and resources in regards to funeral and memorial options, burials/cremation, as well as green and home funerals.

  • Loving support and assistance during the process of death and after.

  • Assisting the family with their choice of preparing the body for viewing or disposition.

  • Performing non-denominational funeral/memorial services.

  • Bereavement support for grieving family and friends.

The Sacred Bridge is a heart-centered approach to death and dying. Autonomy through life is one of the most important and empowering states of being, one that seems to have been lost in our culture to both those being born, and those who are dying. I believe in returning choice and agency to those in transition and their families as an alternative to the extensive medical interventions and treatments that so often prolong pain at the end of life.  

I advocate being informed and planning ahead to make this final rite of passage a sacred, awe-inspiring time filled with intimacy, beauty and love rather than fear and overwhelm. 

This Hallowed Wilderness will help you navigate the confusing maze of end-of-life care, including its attendant medical, legal and financial decisions— and provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to facilitate a good death. 

Whether you’d like to document your final wishes through advance directive planning, learn your options for eco-friendly and alternative burials or keep your body in your family’s loving care with a home funeral, I’m here to guide and companion you. 

From keeping a bedside vigil during the stages of active dying to “midwifing” a peaceful transition, it is my honor to hold this space for you. To serve you and your family before, during and after death. 

To help you enter into this incredibly profound human experience feeling more empowered, connected and at ease.

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